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Kalamazoo Guitar Lessons and Rates

Lessons take place in my studio at home (in Kalamazoo, Michigan) where I can provide you with custom recorded tracks for you to play along with. I find this to be an incredibly valuable teaching tool. It not only helps keep you interested in the instrument but gives you something that you can actually hear and play with at your own home on your own time.

These recordings can consist of what you desire; from a jam track for you to improvise your own solos over, to exercises backed by drums. I will even record anything you compose and solo over, add drums to it and have mixed down to a CD you can take with you at the end of the lesson!

Lessons (just an example):

What I supply (at no additional cost):



Payment is accepted on a monthly basis on the first lesson of every month.

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Kalamazoo Guitar Lessons

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